Confidentiality Policy

Prosper Health & Wellness provides on-site programs. This policy regards all confidential data, regardless of the location of services. Confidential data includes any hardcopies or electronic copies of company data, which include:

  • Customer lists and contact information, such as participants’ names, date of births, billing & residential addresses, email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Credit card information/cardholder data and bank account information
  • Medical and healthcare information
  • Product and/or service plans.
  • Communications.
  • Any information held by a third party for workshops (guest presenters) and certification purposes (Lifesaving Society of Nova Scotia).

Use of Confidential Data by Prosper Health & Wellness Staff

  • Users will only access confidential data to perform his/her job function.
  • Users will log out of any system containing confidential information if leaving the device unattended.
  • Users will never seek personal benefit, or assist others in seeking personal benefit, from the use of confidential information.
  • Users will protect any confidential information to which they have been granted access. Users will not share, display, distribute or discuss confidential information, unless necessary to do his or her job or the action is approved by his/her supervisor and/or the client himself/herself/themselves.
  • Users will notify clients immediately if a breach information security should occur.

Security Controls for Confidential Data

  • Physical Security: Systems that contain confidential data, as well as hardcopy data, will be stored in a secure area.
  • Printing: When printing confidential data, the user must use best efforts to ensure that the information is not viewed by others.
  • Emailing: Confidential data may only be sent between Prosper Health & Wellness and the Lifesaving Society of Nova Scotia for certification purposes only. Payment data is never sent via email or messaging technologies.
  • Messaging: Payment data will never be sent via messaging technologies. Confidential data, including identification information may be communicated between Prosper Health & Wellness and the client himself/herself/themselves for registration purposes.
  • Discussion: When confidential information is discussed, it must be done in non-public places, where the discussion cannot be overheard.


  • Hardcopies of client information is stored, when necessary, under lock and key.
  • When handling cardholder data, card verification codes, personal identification numbers (PIN) and card numbers are not stored unless requested by the purchaser for future payments. Cardholder information is then, therefore, stored on Quickbooks Intuit and Apple Square programs only, which are both secured by password.
  • Confidential data is never stored on home or personal devices.
  • Confidential data will not be left on voicemail systems or otherwise recorded.


  • Paper/documents are shredded or incinerated to make the data unrecoverable.

Cancellation Policy

Prosper Health & Wellness focuses on creating positive experiences for all clients participating in all programs, while also ensuring prosperity as a business model.

Personal Training – In-Person and Online

Personal Training clients are provided with a 10-day rescind period. Clients may cancel their programs within 10 days of the agreement start date (signature date of Participation Waiver) and receive a refund for unused sessions. The hourly rate of fulfilled sessions will be deducted from the refund.

Personal Training clients may cancel/reschedule their sessions, if necessary, up to 24-hours before a scheduled session. Should the member cancel within 24-hours, he/she/they will be charged for the session, depending on the reason for the cancellation (ie medical emergencies or natural disasters).
If a PT session must be cancelled by Prosper staff within 24 hours, then the session will be rescheduled and the client will, therefore, only be charged when the session is fulfilled.

Online training packages with one- and three-month commitment periods must be paid in full at the beginning of each month. Three-month commitment periods require that Prosper Health & Wellness secures client credit card information on file for the monthly payments. Packages may also be paid in full at the beginning of the agreement.

Workshops/Group Fitness and CPR/First Aid Courses

Participants are not eligible for a refund of workshops, group fitness and/or CPR/first Aid courses, unless due to a medical reason. If a participant is unable to attend a course, they may transfer into a future program.
Withdrawals made from a program start date will be subject to a $25.00 service fee to cover the course materials.

Group programs require a minimum of three participants within 48 hours of the program start-date. If there are less than three registrants, then registrants will receive a full refund or choose to transfer to another course.

Clients are eligible for one (1) make up class for fitness & health workshops/group. For CPR/First Aid courses, attendance of all training hours is mandatory to become certified.

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